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Mediation Current Awareness

Mediation Current Awareness

How do you stay aware of recent mediation developments?



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Well, in terms of Ireland obviously being involved with our professional association that’s one of our big jobs is, I suppose, keeping in touch with the Department of Justice, with all the relevant agencies that have to do with mediation that are legislating, that are setting up new services. Keeping an eye on the news of course, always. But then very importantly, try to take any opportunity to go to a conference that I can, there are wonderful conferences around. There’s so much going on you could go to conferences every day of the week so you have to sort of pick and choose.


There are a lot of mediation conferences and you could really spend an awful lot of money so you have to check what’s going to be relevant to you. Then of course keeping in touch with colleagues is very important as well. We have regular professional, we call them “learning and sharing groups”, where local practitioners meet and have a chat about complicated cases. It’s a form of supervision or practice consultancy, as well, so that helps too.

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Sabine became a full time mediator having left legal practice in 2009. She has a broad ranging private practice. She is Programme Director and Lecturer on the Postgraduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution at St. Angela’s College, Sligo (NUIG), and also provides mediation training for other agencies, including the Law Society. She is a certified international family mediator, a trained Professional Practice Consultant and hold... View Mediator