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Lawyer Mediation

Lawyer Mediation

Is the growth of lawyer mediation a response to market needs?



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Yes, in this sense. Do the people understand what lawyers do? People want settlement. That is part of what they want even though I often think that doesn’t accomplish very much in terms of the role, underlying nature of the conflict.


But it’s also that the lawyers are the gatekeepers. The way our system works in conflict the lawyers are the gatekeepers of who gets tired in that circumstances. They are not people who they are not comfortable with or who they are not familiar with.

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Bernie Mayer, Ph.D. is Professor of Dispute Resolution at The Werner Institute, Creighton University. He is without doubt a leader in the field of conflict resolution. Considered by many in the field of conflict resolution as an icon, Bernie has over a quarter century of experience in the field and was a founding partner at CDR Associates, the internationally recognized mediation and conflict resolution organization. Bernie originally trained as ... View Mediator