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Become a CMC Registered Mediator

Become a CMC Registered Mediator

How can someone become a CMC registered mediator?



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We’ve recently launched, earlier this year, our scheme for registration. CMC will not only accept members, but mediators who wish now to register. We’ve used the word register rather than accredit. Registered mediators will have some stamp of approval from CMC. It’ll be some kite mark of competence. With luck, it’ll grow and it’ll progress.


And, it’ll serve the central purpose, and this is important, of giving the public some confidence that the mediator to whom the entrust the resolution of their dispute has had a sufficient training, does follow an appropriate code of conduct, does have a complaints procedure, will be sufficiently insured, and will be kept up to date by having to undergo continuing professional training, getting CPD points.


In that way, with luck, we will began to set a low key level of – I don’t like the word ‘regulation’, it conjures up terrible images, but something akin to that would work to the advantage of mediators and more importantly to the advantage of those who use mediation.

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