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An Important Quality for Mediators

An Important Quality for Mediators

What quality do you think is important in an effective mediator?



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As mediators we’re not setting ourselves up to be experts, I don’t think. I think one of the most important qualities for an effective mediator is curiosity, and we can be curious about a whole lot of things. We can propose ideas or theories or views or have certain values, and I think in so far as they are leading us through the mediation it’s useful to be transparent about those.

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Nadja Alexander is an award winning author and educator (2011, 2007, 1997) and a conflict intervention professional. She holds professorial appointments Australia and the United States and has taught mediation at universities and in corporate settings all over the world. Nadja is an independent adviser on mediation policy to national governments and international bodies, such as the World Bank Group. She has been engaged in the field of confl... View Mediator