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Mediators and Online Dispute Resolution

Mediators and Online Dispute Resolution

Should mediators embrace ODR technology?



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I think Richard Susskind has written this book about the idea of lawyers and the future in the field. I mean, it is clear that technology offers opportunities. I think that it will be organically embedded in the way mediation services are delivered. I think that some . . . The people who refuse to use technology for delivering the services, they will be left behind, and they will eventually have to embrace it.


It’s like those who . . . Not that long ago, some people refused to use emails to communicate. You know? That’s to their disadvantage. I mean, technology keeps moving forward.


That doesn’t mean that it is a panacea. No, technology also, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to use. It has a learning curve. I think it will be a progressive process, where the field of mediation will incorporate technology, but that’s the only direction for growth in this field. Also for expanding the market outside more localised or local disputes.


So I think the earlier the sector embrace technology, I think the more opportunities they will have for expanding their profession. The ADR directive and the consumer sector is giving opportunity to certify those who comply with quality criteria. They will perhaps . . . They are expected to be putting a more competitive position, which will be able to approach businesses. I said, “Well, I have been accreditated to comply with European legislation. You know? You can trust us as your providers, as sourcing your complaints and resolving them in a cost-efficient manner.” So I think that is the way to go. It will happen sooner than later.

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