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Goals of the EU ADR Directive and ODR Regulation

Goals of the EU ADR Directive and ODR Regulation

What is the purpose of the ADR Directive and ODR regulation?



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The regulation sets up this platform or this website that will help parties to submit a complaint, the consumer, and to identify the ADR entity. The directive requires countries to have these ADR bodies and these ADR bodies to comply with a minimum criteria, minimum standards or safeguards.



The platform will be sort of . . . eBay has really a very effective platform, as you know, to resolve disputes between buyers and sellers. eBay is a third neutral party that provides the technology that helps buyers and sellers to resolve these disputes. Actually they are a very interesting example of how . . . what is the power that technology can offer in settling disputes. I don’t know if you heard that they resolve a huge amount of disputes. I think it’s around 60 million a year. It is huge, but also you have to bear in mind that eBay is also quite a big business. In terms of transactions . . . They are often of low value. But in terms of transactions, if it was a country, it would be the 5th largest country in the world, which goes to show the volume of transactions they have. Always a small percentage of those transactions generate disputes, unfortunately. eBay provides a very useful technology to resolve these disputes. The beauty of eBay is that disputes are always about the same issues. As you can imagine, you buy something online. It arrives late. It’s not as it was described. It is a different colour. It is lower quality, or you’re wanting to return it. So the buyer has an interest of getting some sort of redress. While the seller, like with the TripAdvisor reference I made earlier, was to have a positive feedback because that has a very important impact on how they trade on eBay. So that brings the parties both to have an interest in having that dispute resolved.

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