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Get in Touch with Pablo Cortes

Get in Touch with Pablo Cortes

How can people reach out to say thank you and learn more about the regulation of ADR?



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Well, they can reach me through the university website, University of Leicester. So I am on the school of law. So they just type my name, Pablo Cortes, and it has a list of my publications. I’m involved now with . . . I found this project by Nuffield to look at how consumer redress works in Europe, particularly in Italy, Spain, and the U.K. I’m also involved in a European project on the use of online mediation for resolving cross-border disputes. So anyone with expertise, with interest in these areas, I’m happy to for them to reach out. I’m happy to discuss it further. It has been an absolute pleasure, discussing these issues with you. I hope I meet you soon.

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Pablo is a Senior Lecturer and a non-practising Spanish attorney. He conducts research in the field of dispute resolution, civil procedure and consumer law. He was invited to be a keynote speaker in two international conferences, and he has been invited as a speaker at many other conferences in 15 different countries. He was invited to participate in expert meetings by various organisations, including the UN Commission for International Trade Law... View Mediator