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build your mediation brand

Build Your Mediation Brand


By: Michael Lind

Videos: 17

Length: 1 hour and 16 minutes

Many believe that mediation is a ‘winner-takes-all market’, where the rewards from mediation are concentrated in the hands of the few. So how can you or I gain some market share, stand out from th…

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Doing business in India

Building a Mediation Business in India


By: Ashok Panikkar

Videos: 10

Length: 46 minutes

My guest takes bootstrapping a mediation business to a whole new level. If you think getting started as a mediator or setting up a conflict resolution consultancy is hard enough in the UK, US or anywh…

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Build Your Mediation Practice

Building a Successful Mediation Practice


By: Tammy Lenski

Videos: 21

Length: 54 minutes

What do preaching the mediation process, trying to get referrals to mediate litigated cases, and trying to market to everyone have in common? They’re all too ineffective in today’s marketplace, says …

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Brain Pathways

Escaping Mediocrity in Mediation


By: Neil Denny

Videos: 12

Length: 1 hour and 5 minutes

Why do some mediators struggle to make the leap from just a handful of meditations a year to a diary rammed full of appointments? We can blame the mediation market for not being mature enough, we can …

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planning a mediation business

Get Your Mediation Business Model Right


By: Bill Marsh

Videos: 7

Length: 27 minutes

We’re under no illusions as to just how tough being a newcomer to mediation is, particularly in the UK where the field is still in its infancy. So how do you break into an already competitive market…

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Business man thinking with question marks.

Go Wide Or Go Deep? A Mediator’s Dilemma


By: Phil Hesketh

Videos: 7

Length: 29 minutes

This is a dilemma that every mediator starting out might encounter. Should I become a specialist in a particular area of mediation or should I accept any and every mediation that lands on my desk, reg…

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Life choices and emotions

Handling Strong Emotions and Mediation in Spain


By: Mari-Cruz Taboda

Videos: 15

Length: 1 hour and 12 minutes

Handling strong emotions and using the principles of interest-based negotiation has helped my guest transform her career from mediator to successful entrepreneur. In this interview Mari Cruz tells her…

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How to Market Mediation

How to Brand, Market and Sell Mediation


By: Chrissie Lightfoot

Videos: 9

Length: 46 minutes

Before you can begin to market mediation and sell your services you need to know yourself from the inside out. In this interview Chrissie Lightfoot walks us step-by-step through the process of establi…

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Hustling to get more mediation business

How to Hustle Yourself to 70 Mediations


By: Henry Minto

Videos: 10

Length: 1 hour and 10 minutes

How do you prepare yourself for the moment when you get the call to say you are now a fully fledged mediator? Most mediators struggle their way to their first few mediations, not Henry Minto. In his f…

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Innovation mediation in healthcare

Innovative Mediation Project in Healthcare


By: Sarah Barclay

Videos: 13

Length: 38 minutes

Learn how one woman with a passion to make a big difference raised grant funding and set up an innovative and inspiring mediation project that offers mediation and decision-support to health profess…

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