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A flexible Mediation Style

A Versatile Mediator Toolset


By: Lee Jay Berman

Videos: 8

Length: 35 minutes

Have you ever wanted to tell a party in mediation exactly what you think they should do but held back because you felt it wasn’t your place to do so? Besides doing so would have compromised your imp…

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Authentic Mediation Skills

An ‘Authentic’ Approach to Mediation


By: Ashok Panikkar

Videos: 5

Length: 33 minutes

We’re told to be ourselves when mediating, we know it’s important to bring our authenticity into the mediation room yet the pressure of getting everything right, appearing competent, having all th…

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Clock on Table

Avoiding Impasse in Mediation


By: Lee Jay Berman

Videos: 12

Length: 48 minutes

When you’re struggling to make any progress in a mediation is it because the parties have reached an impasse, the inevitable crossroads in any mediation, or is it because you haven’t prepared effe…

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Peace Candles

Bringing Peace to Chad


By: Nathalie Al-Zyoud

Videos: 16

Length: 57 minutes

There are some mediators doing exceptional work, utilising their mediation skills and channeling their passion into making a difference at a local and international level. Find out how Nathalie Al-Zyo…

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Creative marketing graphic

Creative Marketing for Workplace Mediators


By: Marc Reid

Videos: 14

Length: 51 minutes

Being a passionate Mediator is not enough on its own to grow a thriving Workplace Mediation business. You need to learn how to build a brand and get your brand in front of the right people – this is …

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Cross border family mediation

Cross Border Family Mediation


By: Sabine Walsh

Videos: 11

Length: 1 hour and 0 minute

Cross border and international family mediation is a fascinating area of mediation. In this interview Sabine shares her experiences as well as the challenges and dilemmas of mediating matrimonial cas…

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Picture of multi-ethnic silhouettes communicating

Cross Cultural Mediation


By: Joanna Kalowski

Videos: 13

Length: 1 hour and 36 minutes

When tensions are high one’s capacity to listen and be in charge of oneself is severely impaired. If it’s the job of the judge to manage tension in the courtroom then it’s the job of the mediato…

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Glowing interconnected minds

Dealing with Strong Emotions In Mediation


By: Greg Rooney

Videos: 13

Length: 1 hour and 9 minutes

How do we handle the strong emotions we encounter in mediation especially when one of the parties around the table has experience and is still experiencing deep emotional trauma as a results of the ac…

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divorce mediation

Divorce Mediation in California


By: Arianna Jeret

Videos: 17

Length: 53 minutes

We all know how tough it is getting started as a mediator, when so many of our peers are struggling to get half a dozen cases through the door each year.
Arianna knows a thing or two about the chall…

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Family Mediation fundamentals

Family Mediation – The Fundamentals


By: Lisa Parkinson

Videos: 17

Length: 1 hour and 6 minutes

This interview will give you a fabulous insight into the field of Family Mediation and it should do because it’s with one of the pioneers in Family Mediation in the UK and Europe. I have to be hones…

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