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Glasses on Book

A Rounded Education For Mediators


By: Charlie Irvine

Videos: 14

Length: 43 minutes

Should we really be let loose to mediate after completing a 40 hour mediation training course? Don’t get me wrong I think there is a lot of value to gain from a good mediation course that teaches proc…

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Communication Art

A Thousand Mediations A Month


By: Jo Holland

Videos: 12

Length: 52 minutes

I know what you’re thinking; impossible! I can’t even meet my goal of one mediation a month let alone a thousand. Let Jo show you the way. In this interview Jo explains how she’s turning her vis…

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A flexible Mediation Style

A Versatile Mediator Toolset


By: Lee Jay Berman

Videos: 8

Length: 35 minutes

Have you ever wanted to tell a party in mediation exactly what you think they should do but held back because you felt it wasn’t your place to do so? Besides doing so would have compromised your imp…

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Authentic Mediation Skills

An ‘Authentic’ Approach to Mediation


By: Ashok Panikkar

Videos: 5

Length: 33 minutes

We’re told to be ourselves when mediating, we know it’s important to bring our authenticity into the mediation room yet the pressure of getting everything right, appearing competent, having all th…

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Clock on Table

Avoiding Impasse in Mediation


By: Lee Jay Berman

Videos: 12

Length: 48 minutes

When you’re struggling to make any progress in a mediation is it because the parties have reached an impasse, the inevitable crossroads in any mediation, or is it because you haven’t prepared effe…

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Peace Candles

Bringing Peace to Chad


By: Nathalie Al-Zyoud

Videos: 16

Length: 57 minutes

There are some mediators doing exceptional work, utilising their mediation skills and channeling their passion into making a difference at a local and international level. Find out how Nathalie Al-Zyo…

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build your mediation brand

Build Your Mediation Brand


By: Michael Lind

Videos: 17

Length: 1 hour and 16 minutes

Many believe that mediation is a ‘winner-takes-all market’, where the rewards from mediation are concentrated in the hands of the few. So how can you or I gain some market share, stand out from th…

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Doing business in India

Building a Mediation Business in India


By: Ashok Panikkar

Videos: 10

Length: 46 minutes

My guest takes bootstrapping a mediation business to a whole new level. If you think getting started as a mediator or setting up a conflict resolution consultancy is hard enough in the UK, US or anywh…

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Build Your Mediation Practice

Building a Successful Mediation Practice


By: Tammy Lenski

Videos: 21

Length: 54 minutes

What do preaching the mediation process, trying to get referrals to mediate litigated cases, and trying to market to everyone have in common? They’re all too ineffective in today’s marketplace, says …

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A business man signing a piece of paper with someone pointing a gun at his head

Can Mandatory Mediation Work?


By: Diana Paraguacuto

Videos: 7

Length: 36 minutes

The notion of mandatory mediation rubs right up against some of the core principles of mediation. So why have Argentina decided to introduce categorical attendance at mediation? What’s their experie…

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