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Kedar Karandikar

Mediator ✔ ► Specialist in resolving Personal Injury disputes

I am a CMC Registered Civil and Commercial Mediator with a strong litigation background in Personal Injury (PI) claims.


Typically the clients I work with include:


⇨ Mediation can be a helpful and rewarding OPTION to offer Clients.

⇨ Referral to Mediatio…

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Leone Profile Pic

Full-time mediator since 1997, specialized in workplace and commercial cases, and experienced in online mediation.

Mediator for the United States Postal Service for resolving workplace disputes (discrimination, harassment, supervisor vs employee disputes). On January 9, 2014 Leone participated in…

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Henry Minto Profile Pic

He qualified as a commercial mediator with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 2009. Since then he’s worked his way up to over 70 mediations.

For 30 years, he was a lawyer in private practice specialising in the real estate and construction sectors but saw the light and has since been con…

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Kim Sutton

Lead Mediator Mayflower Mediation

Conflict and emotion go hand-in-hand. A mediator needs to deal with the emotions connected to the parties’ dispute. A failure to recognise and address the emotional underpinning of a problem will often make resolution in mediation difficult but not impossible. Most people come into mediation wi…

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I am a licensed insolvency practitioner and chartered accountant and have specialised in mediation since 2016. I draw on my financial experience alongside dealing with people in stressful situations (insolvency) to address medation issues from both a commercial and a personal persepective….

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