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Mike Talbot


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Mike began his career researching the use of new technology in the workplace. At British Telecom’s research labs he worked on using voice control to work computers, and co-authored a book on the subject. He became interested in the use of computer speech technology for people with disabilities, especially looking at using technology to help speech-impaired people to communicate better. Communication then became something of a theme for Mike, who trained as a counsellor, and then as a psychotherapist, at the time that he was running Dolphin Systems Ltd, an international company devoted to computer technology for blind & partially sighted people.

Mike set up a training and psychotherapy organisation in 1994, and began to offer consultancy and organisational development to a range of organisations in connection with stress, assertiveness, and workplace well-being. From working with underperforming teams and individuals, and seeing the damaging personal effects of unmanaged workplace conflict, Mike became interested in how conflict happens, how we seem to get stuck in conflict, and how we can learn to resolve it more effectively. Mike worked as a consultant for a time in organisations in the UK and internationally, resolving workplace conflict, transforming working relationships, and improving individual & team performance by dealing with communication skills, conflict resolution, and stress management.

Mike started UK Mediation Ltd in 1999 to give mediation a broader exposure, to support people and organisations who wanted to give mediation a try, and to try and raise the standards of mediation training and practice. UK Mediation grew very rapidly, and the company’s work has now branched out into all forms of mediation and mediation training. Uk Mediation offer workplace mediation training, commercial mediation training, family mediation training as well as community mediation training. With UK Mediation, Mike now works with FTSE 100 companies, with SMEs and third sector organisations, with the military and the emergency services, and with individuals, teams, and groups of all sizes: helping them all to understand, resolve, and manage conflict better. Mike lives in rural Derbyshire with his wife and two teenage children.

If you want to reach out to Mike to say thank you, find out about his work with UK Mediation Limited you can reach him through his website.