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Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

Lead Mediator Mayflower Mediation
United Kingdom


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Conflict and emotion go hand-in-hand. A mediator needs to deal with the emotions connected to the parties’ dispute. A failure to recognise and address the emotional underpinning of a problem will often make resolution in mediation difficult but not impossible. Most people come into mediation with a pre conceived idea of how it will be and are often surprised at the amount of control they acquire just by agreeing to attend. Everyone needs to feel understood, nurtured, and supported, but the ways in which these needs are met vary widely. Differing needs for feeling comfortable and safe create some of the most severe challenges in our personal and professional relationships. This is my objective, listen objectively and get clients to a stage of resolution.


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  • Senior Case Worker/mediator at Bromley Homeless Shelter

    From Nov, 2015 to Present

    Senior Case Worker/Mediator for the Homeless Shelter. This involves all aspects of homelessness and mediating with families, parents and carers.

  • Mediator at Mayflower Madiation

    From Jan, 1970 to Present

    I am the founder of Mayflower Mediation. My role is one of Lead Mediator.