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Gerald Monk


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Gerald Monk is a Professor in the Department of Counseling and School Psychology at San Diego State University and teaches in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program. He is a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist in California and a mediator and trainer in collaborative divorce practices and mediation in health care.

He has worked as a psychologist and counselor educator in New Zealand for fifteen years prior to moving to the United States in 2000 and has a strong interest in promoting constructionist theories in counseling and family systems work.

He is well known for his contributions in developing and expanding the applications of narrative therapy in New Zealand and in North America. His main professional commitment lies in the development and application of narrative mediation.

Gerald is involved in a range of professional domains utilizing conflict resolution and mediation approaches. Specifically, he is a consultant to a large health-care system; a collaborative divorce specialist with Collaborative Family Law Group in San Diego; he teaches a range of conflict resolution and counseling courses at SDSU. He conducts overseas study abroad classes for the International Security and Conflict Resolution program for San Diego State University.

Publications include:

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