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Growing a Mediation Business

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How to Market Mediation
Chrissie Lightfoot Profile Pic

Chrissie Lightfoot

Videos: 9

Length: 46 minutes

How to Brand, Market and Sell Mediation

Before you can begin to market mediation and sell your services you need to know yourself from the inside out. In this interview Chrissie Li... read more

Doing business in India
Ashok Panikkar Profile Pic

Ashok Panikkar

Length: 2 minutes

Dealing with Criticism of Mediation

How did you respond to criticism of your mediation business in India?... read more

Jason Dykstra Profile Pic

Jason Dykstra

Length: 2 minutes

Social Media Business Etiquette

Is there any special etiquette when using social media?... read more

planning a mediation business

Bill Marsh

Length: 1 minute

Mediation Organisations

What organisations are you currently involved with?... read more

Starting out in mediation
Eve Pienaar Profile Pic

Eve Pienaar

Length: 2 minutes

A Difficult Mediation

What was your first difficult mediation and what did you learn from it?... read more

Build Your Mediation Practice
Tammy Lenski Profile Pic

Tammy Lenski

Length: 6 minutes

Challenges for Marketing Mediation

What are the main problems mediators face when it comes to winning business or promoting themselves?... read more

Jo Holland Profile Pic

Jo Holland

Length: 1 minute

Building a LinkedIn Profile

What advice do you have for someone building their LinkedIn profile?... read more

Business man thinking with question marks.
Phil Hesketh Profile Pic

Phil Hesketh

Videos: 7

Length: 29 minutes

Go Wide Or Go Deep? A Mediator’s Dilemma

This is a dilemma that every mediator starting out might encounter. Should I become a specialist in a particular area of mediation or should... read more

Mediator making a difference
David Liddle Profile Pic

David Liddle

Length: 1 minute

Mediation’s Popularity in the Workplace

Why do you think mediation is increasingly popular with businesses?... read more

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