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Mediation Skills & Techniques

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Mediating cross cultural disputes
Liz Birch Profile Pic

Elizabeth Birch

Length: 5 minutes

An Interesting Mediation Case

What is a particularly interesting mediation you've been involved in?... read more

Clock on Table
Lee Jay Berman Profile Pic

Lee Jay Berman

Length: 4 minutes

Overcoming Impasse in Mediation

What else can a mediator do to overcome impasse?... read more

Negotiation theory in difficult conversations
Sheila Heen Mediator Harvard

Sheila Heen

Length: 3 minutes

Techniques for Dealing with Unexpressed Emotions

What techniques can mediators use to address the problems caused by unexpressed emotions?... read more

Peace Candles
Al Zyoud Profile Pic

Nathalie Al-Zyoud

Length: 1 minute

A ‘Technical’ Mediator

What do you mean when you describe yourself as a ‘technical’ mediator?... read more

Cross border family mediation
Sabine Walsh Profile Pic

Sabine Walsh

Length: 3 minutes

Cross-Border Mediation Skills

What other skills do you use that are specific to cross-border mediation cases?... read more

What makes a good Mediator
David Richbell Profile Pic

David Richbell

Length: 2 minutes

Building Trust with Parties

How does an effective mediator build a trusting relationship with the parties?... read more

Conflict theory, language and emotion
Ken Cloke Mediator

Ken Cloke

Length: 8 minutes

Language and Mediation

Why should mediators study language?... read more

Conflict theory, language and emotion
Ken Cloke Mediator

Ken Cloke

Length: 4 minutes

Narratives in Mediation

How does the drama triangle narrative apply to mediation?... read more

Fraley Profile Pic

Andrew Fraley

Length: 3 minutes

Thoughts on Evaluative Mediation

What is your view on evaluative mediation?... read more

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