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Family dispute
Philippa Johnson Profile Pic

Philippa Johnson

Length: 2 minutes

The Welfare of the Child

How often are children an important issue in your cases?... read more

Glasses on Book
Charlie Irvine Profile Pic

Charlie Irvine

Length: 3 minutes

Mediation Theories

What kinds of theories are important for mediators to be aware of?... read more

Life choices and emotions
Maricruz Profile Pic

Mari-Cruz Taboada

Length: 2 minutes

Party Expectations of the Mediator

How do the parties expectations of the role of the mediator differ in Spain?... read more

Cross border family mediation
Sabine Walsh Profile Pic

Sabine Walsh

Length: 1 minute

Cross-Border Family Mediation

What is cross-border mediation?... read more

Reflections of a top flight mediator

Bill Marsh

Length: 2 minutes

Communication in Mediation

How much thought do you put into choosing the way you communicate in mediation?... read more

Neuro Linguistic Programming with Joel Lee
Joel Lee Profile Pic

Joel Lee

Length: 5 minutes

NLP and Building Rapport

What are some of the specific mediation techniques one can use to build rapport?... read more

Negotiation theory in difficult conversations
Sheila Heen Mediator Harvard

Sheila Heen

Length: 1 minute

Difficult Conversation and Mediation Approach

How does your understanding of difficult conversations influence the way you approach mediation?... read more

Story of Narrative mediation
Sara Cobb Profile Pic

Sara Cobb

Videos: 7

Length: 43 minutes

The Story Of Narrative Mediation

How do we help parties in mediation to evolve their stories and become open to hearing the perspective of the other party? It’s apparent t... read more

Setting up a workplace mediation business
Mike Talbot Profile Pic

Mike Talbot

Videos: 13

Length: 43 minutes

Setting up a Workplace Mediation Business

If you’re looking to get a steady stream of paid mediation assignments then look no further than workplace mediation. In this interview Mi... read more

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