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Online Dispute Resolution

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Transforming consumer dispute resolution
James Walker Profile Pic

James Walker

Length: 15 minutes

Transforming Consumer Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is a lot more than simply a virtual environment where disputing parties meet to resolve their disputes as yo... read more

Virtual Reality Mediation
Leone Profile Pic

Giuseppe Leone

Length: 3 minutes

Interest in Online Mediation

Why are you passionate about online mediation in particular?... read more

Modria the operating system for ODR
Colin Rule Profile Pic

Colin Rule

Length: 3 minutes

Best Disputes for Modria

What kinds of disputes are best suited to MODRIA in its current form?... read more

Cross border family mediation
Sabine Walsh Profile Pic

Sabine Walsh

Length: 1 minute

ODR for Cross-Border Family Mediation

What kinds of ODR methods do you use in cross-border family mediation?... read more

The IMI and Mediation as a Profession
Deb Masucci Profile Pic

Deborah Masucci

Length: 2 minutes

Technology and the Mediation Profession

Do you think technology will have a significant impact on the development of the mediation profession?... read more

EU ADR directive and ODR regs
Pablo Cortes Profile Pic

Pablo Cortes

Timescale for Resolving a Consumer Dispute

How long does it usually take to resolve a typical consumer dispute?... read more

Taking Dispute Resolution online
Jin Ho Verdonschot Profile Pic

Jin Ho Verdonschot

Videos: 14

Length: 50 minutes

Taking Dispute Resolution Online – Rechtwijzer 2.0

How do we make the journey through justice easier and smooth for parties regardless of location and circumstance? Think of the best, smoothe... read more

Online Mediation
Aled Davies Profile Pic

Aled Davies

Length: 12 minutes

Online Mediation and the Big Idea

Online Mediation has been around for longer than you could imagine, the first ever recorded online mediation took place back in 1999. Today... read more

EU ADR directive and ODR regs
Pablo Cortes Profile Pic

Pablo Cortes

Commercial Benefits of ODR Systems

How does having an effective Online Dispute Resolution system benefit a business?... read more

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