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Mediation Models

Learn about mediation policy, costs, training and what lawyers look for when hiring a mediator.

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Doing business in India
Ashok Panikkar Profile Pic

Ashok Panikkar

Length: 2 minutes

Who is Ashok Panikkar?

Who is Ashok Panikkar?... read more

Facilitative to Transformative
Jan Gunn Profile Pic

Jane Gunn

Length: 1 minute

Who is Jane Gunn?

Who is Jane Gunn?... read more

CMC and mediation policy
Sir Alan Ward Profile Pic

Alan Ward

Length: 3 minutes

CMC 2015 Annual Conference Agenda

What's on the agenda for the Civil Mediation Council 2015 Conference?... read more

Value in Mediation Training
John Sturrock Profile Pic

John Sturrock

Length: 4 minutes

Adequacy of Mediation Training

Can mediation training give a mediator the tools he needs to manage any type of conflict?... read more

Online Courts and Digital Justice
Shannon Salter Profile Pic

Shannon Salter

Length: 1 minute

Learn More About The Civil Resolution Tribunal

How can people get in touch and learn more about the CRT?... read more

EU ADR directive and ODR regs
Pablo Cortes Profile Pic

Pablo Cortes

ADR Legislation and the Ombudsman

Does the EU ADR legislation intend to replace the role of the ombudsman service?... read more

Glasses on Book
Charlie Irvine Profile Pic

Charlie Irvine

Length: 1 minute

Critiques of Mediation

What are some of the critiques on mediation that you have researched?... read more

What makes a good Mediator
David Richbell Profile Pic

David Richbell

Length: 1 minute

Teaching Mediation

What motivates you to help others learn about mediation?... read more

Preserving mediation values
Joe Folger Profile Pic

Joseph Folger

Length: 2 minutes

Mediation’s Core Values

What are the core mediation values that you want to preserve?... read more

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