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Mediation Models

Learn about mediation policy, costs, training and what lawyers look for when hiring a mediator.

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Cliffs of Moher
Austin Kenny Profile Pic

Austin Kenny

Length: 1 minute

Who is Austin Kenny?

Who is Austin Kenny?... read more

Doing business in India
Ashok Panikkar Profile Pic

Ashok Panikkar

Length: 2 minutes

Who is Ashok Panikkar?

Who is Ashok Panikkar?... read more

No Turning back lawyer to mediator
Jon Lang Profile Pic

Jon Lang

Length: 2 minutes

Intellectual Challenges of Mediation

Why do you say mediation is intellectually challenging?... read more

Build Your Mediation Practice
Tammy Lenski Profile Pic

Tammy Lenski

Length: 2 minutes

Negotiation Training

What is the focus of the negotiation course you teach?... read more

Neuro Linguistic Programming with Joel Lee
Joel Lee Profile Pic

Joel Lee

Length: 2 minutes

Assumptions in Mediation Training

Are mediation trainings too often based on narrow assumptions?... read more

Cliffs of Moher
Austin Kenny Profile Pic

Austin Kenny

Length: 2 minutes

Irish Mediation Regulation

What are the latest developments in the government’s approach to mediation?... read more

Fraley Profile Pic

Andrew Fraley

Length: 2 minutes

Who is Andrew Fraley?

Who is Andrew Fraley?... read more

CMC and mediation policy
Sir Alan Ward Profile Pic

Alan Ward

Length: 3 minutes

CMC 2015 Annual Conference Agenda

What's on the agenda for the Civil Mediation Council 2015 Conference?... read more

The IMI and Mediation as a Profession
Deb Masucci Profile Pic

Deborah Masucci

Contact Deb Masucci

How can viewers get in contact with you?... read more

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