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Mediation Models

Learn about mediation policy, costs, training and what lawyers look for when hiring a mediator.

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The traditional mediation training model
Mike Talbot Profile Pic

Mike Talbot

Length: 3 minutes

Mediation Regulation

Is mediation regulation necessary?... read more

Preserving mediation values
Joe Folger Profile Pic

Joseph Folger

Length: 2 minutes

Mediation’s Core Values

What are the core mediation values that you want to preserve?... read more

Online Courts and Digital Justice
Shannon Salter Profile Pic

Shannon Salter

Length: 1 minute

“Facilitators” v “Mediators”

Why use the term “facilitators” instead of “mediators”?... read more

Online Courts and Digital Justice
Shannon Salter Profile Pic

Shannon Salter

Length: 2 minutes

Interest in Access to Justice

Where does your interest in access to justice come from?... read more

The IMI and Mediation as a Profession
Deb Masucci Profile Pic

Deborah Masucci

Length: 1 minute

View on Mandatory Mediation

What do you think of the idea of opt out mandatory mediation?... read more

divorce mediation
Arianna Jeret Profile Pic

Arianna Jeret

Length: 1 minute

Who is Ariana Jeret?

Who is Ariana Jeret?... read more

CMC and mediation policy
Sir Alan Ward Profile Pic

Alan Ward

Videos: 12

Length: 51 minutes

Civil Mediation Council – Bringing Mediators Together

The Civil Mediation Council (CMC) aims to increase participation in mediation across all sectors in the UK. The CMC was set up back in 2003... read more

Neuro Linguistic Programming with Joel Lee
Joel Lee Profile Pic

Joel Lee

Length: 2 minutes

Assumptions in Mediation Training

Are mediation trainings too often based on narrow assumptions?... read more

Cliffs of Moher
Austin Kenny Profile Pic

Austin Kenny

Length: 2 minutes

The Irish Commercial Mediation Association

What does the ICMA do?... read more

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