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Using Mediation in the Workplace

Using Mediation in the Workplace

How did you discover mediation for resolving workplace disputes?



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We thought there must be other ways of dealing with this. That’s when we looked around and came across mediation, which was fairly new to us at that point.


I was already a bit familiar with it because my wife had been working as a community mediator with neighbour disputes for a few years already. But we hadn’t come across it in the work place. So I went off and investigated what was out there, basically and talked to some of the larger companies and ended up going to CEDR. I actually went along to, they did a demonstration and I thought. “This is the kind of thing that could really work.”


We are talking, this is probably about 2009, 2010. Something like that, about six years ago. We were a large company, and even though we were that large, we hadn’t come across mediation and that is something I find when I go round talking to other companies that mediation is still not that well known. So we investigated what mediation was, and we thought yeah, this is certainly something that could help us. So as a first step, I went and got trained with CEDR. I did their training and accreditation and I came back to the organisation and we set up an internal work place mediation scheme. It didn’t take up a lot of setting up as such. We didn’t actually need to change our policy, we already had an option within our policy for informal resolution, but we put some procedures I place, and essentially it was around working with the internal HR team, and the internal legal team to say, “When issues arise, have a look at them and think whether mediation might be an option.” So I gave them some training as to what mediation was, how it could be used, and I then said, “Well, okay you pick up the incident and if you think that there might be something that mediation could be useful, come and talk to me.” and that’s what we did.

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Marc is an experienced workplace mediator based near Reading, providing mediation services, conflict competence training and conflict coaching through his company Mediation4. He is the author of 'DIY Mediation. The Conflict Resolution Toolkit for HR'. Prior to setting up Mediation4 Marc worked for nearly 25 years in senior HR, commercial and general management roles for a FTSE 10 multinational company. This included roles as diverse as Manag... View Mediator