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Information About Restorative Justice

Information About Restorative Justice

Where can we learn more about restorative justice in our community?



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I think the approach to take would be to just Google restorative justice and then your area, and just see what’s going on in your area. There are a lot of places where it’s not used. There was actually very interesting documents published for free on the web by a Georgian university, whose name I can’t recall. It’s one of the Georgian universities, as in Georgia, USA. It had like a centre for dispute resolution. Maybe we could post this below after the interview.


That document outlines all the state legislation and state policy in the US, which includes restorative justice. If you’re over here, if you’re over in Europe, it’s difficult to say. I would say Google restorative justice in your area. If you’re in the UK, there is a restorative justice council, which is a very good resource. If you’re looking to train. Yeah, I would say Google is your oyster.

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Ian is a criminologist and Ph.D. student studying restorative justice at the University of Leeds’ School of Law, where he also lectures on the subject. He was born in Canada, but has spent most of his life in Northern England. He has conducted research for a number of organisations, including Restorative Solutions, the Restorative Justice Council, Search for Common Ground and the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs. He is trained as a ... View Mediator