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Transformative Mediation Training

Transformative Mediation Training

How does transformative mediation training differ from the traditional approach?



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Okay. Well, one of what I see as the beauties of the transformative model is that we do feel it’s very important to have a clear idea of what our role is. I think unless you think deeply about what your role is you can kind of-, well it’s hard to fulfil a role unless you know exactly what that role is.


So the first thing we do is get clear on what the experience of conflict is like for people who are in it. So the first exercise we always do in the training is we think back to ideally the most intense conflict that we ourselves have been involved in. And then we try to think about the worst moment in that conflict and we think about okay, what was so bad about that? Why did we call that the worst moment? And often the words that come up for people are, ‘I felt powerless, I felt out of control, I felt incredibly frustrated like there was nothing I could do that would help. I felt just offended by this other person, I couldn’t understand what they were thinking other than that they were evil or incredibly selfish, or stupid. It was unbelievable that another person could behave in that way toward me. I didn’t get it.’

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As a teacher and practitioner of the transformative approach, Dan helps parties have a constructive conversation about their differences. He received his law degree, cum laude, from the University of Minnesota School of Law, his M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota, and his B.A., with honors, from the University of California at Berkeley. Although he is licensed to practice law in Minnesota, he prefers to practice mediat... View Mediator