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Flexibility in the Mediation Process

Flexibility in the Mediation Process

How much room is there for flexibility and innovation in the mediation process?



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I think we have immense flexibility. I think we have as much flexibility as we have imagination and courage. And that’s not to say one can impose it on others, but I find when I’m with people who’ve hired me, so they’ve got an expectation that I have something to offer, once I’ve got to a point where there’s a level of trust that’s been built, if I say, ‘Look, it seems to me that we should probably do X next. What do you think?’ Most of the time they’ll say, ‘Okay. Let’s try it.’ It’s not that… I would couch it by, as I said earlier, by saying, ‘This is why, this is what I’d hope to achieve, and there are no guarantees in life.’ I find a considerable willingness to go with that if you’re prepared to invest time building a relationship with parties.


I think in a way, other than the process I would want to start by saying, ‘How do you build relationships with newcomers, strangers, in a short space of time so that they will invest a very substantial degree of trust in you?’ Because the answer to that question is probably the answer to how you go about the early stages of a mediation. Again, it’s approaching it the other way. It’s not saying, ‘Here’s the process. It’s saying, ‘Here’s what we need to achieve. I wonder what process my help us travel in that direction.

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