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Small Claims Mediation Technology

Small Claims Mediation Technology

What technology are you currently using?



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We just switched provider. We are now working with a home-grown provider, which is very exciting, because it’s in beta testing at the minute –- but it means that it can be designed specifically for our needs. And what that platform gives us is the ability to have the asynchronous discussions, or, have a live discussion with, and again, in small claims, you don’t know what you’re going to get. You might get Mrs. Brown who absolutely doesn’t have a computer, but the plumber that does, how can you meet both of their needs? Well, the plumber wants to see me as the mediator, so we would go onto the platform and initialise the video – Then we can dial out to Mrs. Brown’s land line, so we can still have the mediation at the same time, and everybody’s happy. And I think with O.D.R. also one of the huge benefits is that you can upload documents and evidence for each other to see and you’ve got that ability to go in and out of it, over a period of time.

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Jo’s a CEDR accredited mediator and member of the Civil Mediation Council and has enjoyed a successful career in the Civil Service working for HM Customs and Excise, Tribunals Service and HMCTS. She has mediated the whole gamut of disputes within the small claims track and unlike many other mediators I know comes from a non legal background which she believes is a real benefit as she can keep the process jargon free and is easier for her to rem... View Mediator