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Small Claims Mediation Software

Small Claims Mediation Software

What kind of software do you use to assist you?



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Well, the ‘on the phone’ I actually developed a little bit further, and there’s an organisation who had created a telephone software product specifically for mediations. And they already provide the court service with telephone hearings, and they created this product, but, you know, with the best will in the world the resources weren’t there for the courts to actually use it. So I thought, ‘Well, this has been developed. Why don’t I, in my bid to the M.O.J., suggest that I use this telephone software, so they get the benefit of it without having to kind of pay directly. And that started – the way that it works is that you have the parties on the telephone, but you can virtually put earmuffs on them, and zips on their mouths, and, you know, put them on mute, so it’s taken the regular telephone one step further.


So that was my first thought, and then I started to research O.D.R. Online Dispute Resolution. And of course, all the time I’m thinking, ‘I’m in a small claim dispute, how would I want to deal with this?’ Telephone is fine, but it requires you to block out one hour of your time, or as I offer two hours of my time. What if I’m working away, but I still want to deal with this? What can we do to offer something for that audience? And I suppose when I looked online, what I loved was the fact you can have the asynchronous discussion, so you can have your chap who’s working out of a hotel in Leeds posting his message after a very long day at eleven o’clock at night, mediator picks it up the next day, contacts the other side of the dispute, and so you have a window, a period of time, that you can have those discussions. Again, for me it’s all about fitting in with their work pattern or their lifestyle. I started to look at that, and then I discovered that there was an EU directive on A.D.R. and O.D.R., and I wanted to know more about that, and I met with Pablo Cortez, who had been very involved in the drafting of that directive, and I wanted to understand: How could I translate what that directive was into what I wanted to achieve.



And there were some principles about fairness and transparency, and all the things I really wanted to develop within my own mediation practice. So, we’re at the starting point, really, of this, but I’m developing my practice so that when it comes to the opportunity to be accredited, as an E.U. mediation provider, that’s where we will be. Later on I can talk to you about my projects, that I have on the boil with Spain and with Cyprus so that I can provide mediation here, and anywhere.

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Jo’s a CEDR accredited mediator and member of the Civil Mediation Council and has enjoyed a successful career in the Civil Service working for HM Customs and Excise, Tribunals Service and HMCTS. She has mediated the whole gamut of disputes within the small claims track and unlike many other mediators I know comes from a non legal background which she believes is a real benefit as she can keep the process jargon free and is easier for her to rem... View Mediator