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Scale of the Small Claims Mediation Business

Scale of the Small Claims Mediation Business

How many mediations have you done so far since the business started last year?



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Quite a few, actually. Because we’re C.M.C. accredited, we then sit on the Ministry of Justice website, and people are routed from and Citizens’ Advice, and so actually we’ve done quite a number. And people again, as I said to you Aled, are going on there not just because they’ve got a small claim, but are going on there because actually, they don’t want to travel a hundred miles, they just want to get this done. Use the telephone or Skype or whatever.


Many of the referrals come from word of mouth. And also I have, not just my focus on the main cries, but obviously I’m busy developing lots and lots of other areas as well. For example, law firms will settle, quite a number of law firms, in terms of personal injury. You know, I never stop. I’m constantly identifying the next niche and I have business plan for the next few years, working through those. Because with small claims in particular, it goes on ad infinitum.

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Jo’s a CEDR accredited mediator and member of the Civil Mediation Council and has enjoyed a successful career in the Civil Service working for HM Customs and Excise, Tribunals Service and HMCTS. She has mediated the whole gamut of disputes within the small claims track and unlike many other mediators I know comes from a non legal background which she believes is a real benefit as she can keep the process jargon free and is easier for her to rem... View Mediator