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Overseas Expansion

Overseas Expansion

What are your plans for overseas expansion of your small claims mediation business?



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So I have family and a couple of co-directors that are based in Spain. And one day I was there, and they were complaining about the utility companies. And I got to thinking, well, what if I’m an expat and I’ve got an issue? I’ve got a small claim for argument’s sake. What do I do? Where do I go? How do I deal with that? And so I started to do a bit of digging, and I contacted a really good colleague of mine, Kevin Brown, I’ll give him a plug. He has an international mediation practice. And I started to talk to him about my plan, and initially it was to set something up for expats. I could see no reason why we couldn’t deliver an O.D.R. mediation service that met their needs. But then I started to look a bit deeper, and I was shocked at the backlog of cases that they have in the Spanish courts for small claims. Years and years and years before they ever get heard. So what am I doing now? I’m looking at setting up the small claims mediation model that we can then roll out to Spain. I’ve then taken that a step further, and I have a colleague in Cyprus who’s, again, mediation is very, very new, I think it was December 2012 when the mediation act was brought in. But he almost sought me out, if you like, and I started to talk to him about it, and we started to look at, well, what happens to small claims in Cyprus? And it really got me thinking, actually there’s no reason why we can’t do something here. So, we’re in early stages, but we are starting to work together, starting to develop that model. Where it will take me, I have no idea, but the sky’s my limit.

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Jo’s a CEDR accredited mediator and member of the Civil Mediation Council and has enjoyed a successful career in the Civil Service working for HM Customs and Excise, Tribunals Service and HMCTS. She has mediated the whole gamut of disputes within the small claims track and unlike many other mediators I know comes from a non legal background which she believes is a real benefit as she can keep the process jargon free and is easier for her to rem... View Mediator