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Technology in Small Claims Courts

Technology in Small Claims Courts

Why hasn’t US government adopted ODR in small claims courts?



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There are probably multiple reasons. They would argue it’s cost. I would say you just don’t take these things seriously. It’s very frustrating to me. I’ve talked to many state officials over the last six, seven, eight years about having online small claims courts. They would scale. They would be not a piece of cake to put together, but certainly doable. We have systems in place that provide more and more services over the web so that if you have a problem with a parking ticket, you can pay online.


If you have a problem with some other kind of car-related thing, registering your car, so forth, you can do those things online. My hope is that we’ll do enough of those things online, somebody in authority will finally realise, “Hey, we can provide dispute resolution services online”. Because we’re providing a lot of other services online. You asked me about history. It used to be we only provided information online. That was in the early days. That was extraordinary, but we now provide services, interactive services online, and that’s what dispute resolution is. So why not? I think it’s a matter of time. This issue of conflict as a growth industry. I understand that more than Professor Hawking’s statement about AI.

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