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Mediation Blogging

Mediation Blogging

What advice do you have for people looking to get into mediation related blogging and what are the alternatives?



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I think a lot of people think that blogging is the thing to do. It is if you like to write or if you are willing to develop the interest in writing. For those who truly hate writing or are truly bad at it and don’t want to develop the ability to do it better. Writing isn’t for them. I say that right up front.


Podcast or do audio, do video, do something else. Some people are much more natural talking to the camera. They love that and they don’t want to do this, you know. So when I say “blogging” here, you could expand what I’m saying to be relevant to whatever the method is that people use. It could be podcasting, video casting, whatever.

Don’t even worry about publishing it right away. Just write and don’t worry about how great it is. Just write. In fact there’s an argument to be made not to publish it. But sit down and write for 15 minutes every day. Write about a topic that, here’s the key that the people you’re trying reach in your market care about.


What I see a lot of ADR bloggers do, are things like “Frequently Asked Questions About Mediation”. Well, you know, there are 9 million Frequently Asked Questions already out there. Your market doesn’t care. They’ve already got those questions answered or they will, if they become really warm prospects and they want to hire you. They’ll get [inaudible 00:07:39]. But think about what’s on their mind, what they care about, and that’s what you want to write about.


The other thing is that don’t worry about making it a long thing. Most of us who learned to write in college wrote long books. A lot of attorneys who mediate are used to writing long documents right?


Article writing for your clients is more about short and sweet. It depends who your market is. My market tend to be leaders, managers, folks who work full time and have very busy careers in work and they’re not going to sit and read a 2,000 word article from me very often.


Occasionally they might want to take a real deep dive into something but for the most part they want to hear an idea. A really tiny little idea they can put to use tomorrow or that can, sort of, worm its way into their brain and leave them thinking that’s really what I’m trying to do, is engage people to think about conflict differently.


So it’s that kind of habit it’s just doing a little piece and then eventually thinking, “Look I have some articles there.” When you have five or ten and you think, “My market would love those”. You have a reason to believe that, and then it’s time to start putting them out there in the world, then doing it as frequently as possible, at least once a week, and make the commitment to do it for six months.

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