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The Conflict Pivot

The Conflict Pivot

Can you tell us some things about your latest book “The Conflict Pivot”?



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You just gave me a really great entree into it by talking about it’s a frame of mind. I think from marketing, a lot of my work is not about technique. It’s about how you think about the problem that you’re facing, and the way you think about it influences how you solve it.


So, for marketing, if people think of marketing as just a bunch of techniques – “First I do this and then I do that, then I do that.” they’re not going to succeed. They have to think about it as a relationship builder with different markets.


“The Conflict Pivot” is a book about conflict in ongoing relationships. Most of the work that I do is with folks who must, or want to, be in continued relationships. So folks who the co-owners of the business or the senior team of a hospital, or co-workers at an organisation and some couples. So folks who are going to be – either they want to be or someone’s telling them they have to be in continued relationship or they’re going to have to lose their job otherwise.


It’s about how to help people think differently about the conflicts that they face. Over the years I’ve seen mediators make – not mediators – people in conflict make some of the same mistakes over and over. So “The Conflict Pivot” is about addressing some of those mistakes and getting them out of the way, so they don’t keep continuing to make them. The idea of a pivot is very much like a sport. You know if you’re playing basketball and you pivot on one foot, you’re changing direction, to get a better success.


In business, business pivots are well known now particularly in tech start-ups. A pivot is the idea that you may have started a business to do this, but you’re pivoting to a direction where you see the market really – or the opportunity really is. That’s pivoting.


So it’s the same idea with “The Conflict Pivot”. I’m asking people to not do certain things that people often do in conflict, and do these other things instead.

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