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Challenges and Rewards of Being a Mediator

Challenges and Rewards of Being a Mediator

What has been the most challenging and most rewarding aspect of your mediation experience?



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I think the most challenging aspect is, of course, one is not in control of obtaining the work. We talked about that. That’s the essence of your interview. It’s not as if I can go out to market tomorrow and bring in the work. There’s that sense of you are dependent on others selecting you and, therefore, it’s quite hard for all the reason we have discussed. That’s a challenge.


What I love about it and what keeps me working at it the way I do is I’m absolutely passionate about the journey, which this has involved so far, and the amount that I have learned. As you mentioned earlier, it’s helped me so much with my kids. It’s amazing. Just active listening, just letting other people make their decisions even though you have created the ability for them to do that.


It’s been hugely rewarding. I’m very conscious that it’s a big mountain that I’ve taken on and I really want to continue to strive to excellence, like nothing else. It really does keep me motivated.

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Eve has over 25 years experience as a solicitor, in private practice and senior in-house counsel roles. She has been the Legal Director for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for the past 9 years and was a VP of new business development at Warner Bros. She’s on numerous mediation panels including CEDR Solve and ADR Group and has published articles on mediation in a number of professional journals. Her fluency in 3 languages make her a... View Mediator