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Mediation’s Popularity in the Workplace

Mediation’s Popularity in the Workplace

Why do you think mediation is increasingly popular with businesses?



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It helps team member become more engaged, more willing to participate and they will then be the drivers of real change. What manager doesn’t want those attributes within their team? And I’ll list that, I’ll create a list. Let’s put on one side of our list all of the things that are acting against that happening, and on the other side of the list all the things that are happening for that happening.


And what mediation does is it moves all of the forces against the innovation, engagement and empowerment, all of those things that we’ve been talking about about. It moves it from the forces against to the forces for. So mediation transforms all of those negative and destructive forces again, through dialogue, through listening, through talking, through sitting in a room and working out some of the challenges and really listening and understanding each other. That can then drive real changes. And managers go ‘I want a bit of that into my business.’

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David has extensive experience of mediation and dispute resolution within a variety of contexts. In 1994, he established Leicestershire Mediation Service – one of the first community mediation schemes in the UK. David ran the scheme for eight years and in that time he established the Conflict Resolution in Schools Programme (CRISP), was a founding member of the Midlands Mediation Network and was active in numerous mediation, restorative justice... View Mediator