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The EU ADR Scheme in the UK

The EU ADR Scheme in the UK

Why do you think the UK hasn’t made the ADR scheme compulsory for businesses?



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It’s the classic British government’s way of introducing everything, isn’t it? First of all it’s, “Would you mind awfully, doing it?” Then it would be. “It would be great if you did do it.” Then it’s. “No really you should do it.” Then it’s like. “Well actually we expect you to do it.” Then it’s. “Punish you if you’re not doing it.”


It’s the best way to get through a policy without actually having to have a fight about it, is to do it in an incremental stage. So maybe in ten years’ time everyone will have to be part of the scheme. As everything starts with legislation it seems to have to go through the small little steps before it actually makes the quantum leap to add the value it’s meant to do.

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