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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Are customers finding your ODR service useful and helpful?



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Yeah, we’ve got some great feedback. I mean in one respect we’re as good as the companies are. So if the company is really bad at customer service, well, we can’t make miracles happen. But what we do find is that we’ve got more friends than we’ve got enemies. Its probably the nice way to put it and that we have a lot of people coming away, getting issues resolved.


If you look at our Facebook page, what we actually try and do is, rather than sit there and go, “who are the really bad companies?” is that we’re trying to give feedback on where the companies are doing a great job. So I know in the last week we’ve had feedback from customers on Europcar, on Vodafone, on BA, on easyJet. I’m trying to think who else.


That’s all gone up on there to say basically, “well done” to those companies “your customers are completely happy and have fed back to us to say ‘thank you very much.'” So as far as we’re concerned that’s creating a win-win.

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