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Resolver’s Business Model

Resolver’s Business Model

How does Resolver’s business model work?



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So far no one pays, that’s why we’re so poor and I live in a cardboard box. But the logic is that we want to build up the volume. We probably want to double our volume which at the rate we’re going should be somewhere around April, May.


Then what we’re going to start doing is we’re going to start putting together the data. So for example I can tell you which is the worst supermarket, but I also know why it’s the worst supermarket.


I know which is the worst coffee shop and they’ve got 550% more complaints than their two next competitors, and their biggest issue is customer service about rudeness of staff and about poor quality coffee.


I know how quickly they respond to communications. I know how quickly they answer the phone. I know how many feedback points they have to do to get customers’ issues resolved.


I know how long it takes British Gas to answer a phone at different times of the day.


So what we start doing is, we can start benchmarking how companies are doing against everyone in their market sector. Then we’ll start selling that data back to them. If you want to do mystery shopper surveys, we already know what your consumers are thinking about you before you even go out and try and work out how to do it.

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