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The ODR Pilot Project

The ODR Pilot Project

Would the ODR pilot focus on a certain type of dispute?



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Yeah, the example we’ve given in our report is small claims. Say claims under £10,000, where really the amount at issue is modest, and to instruct lawyers and to use court time, judge time, so forth, doesn’t seem a proportionate way to proceed.


We also looked at landlord and tenant disputes, we looked a little at road traffic disputes, and intuitively, these very large areas of dispute seemed to us, to be appropriate, too. But we didn’t want to, it’s too early until one pilots really, to say, “this area is definitely appropriate and suitable, and this area is not.” So, we have to identify what it is, what characteristics of disputes will make them most suitable for this kind of treatment? That’s important as work.


I’m anxious, and I know the group is anxious, that we don’t hang around, so I want to say that there’s very little reason, looking at what other jurisdictions have done, that we couldn’t get this up and running by 2017.

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