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Narrative Mediation Internationally

Narrative Mediation Internationally

How widespread is narrative mediation around the world?



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Narrative mediation features in some prominent places around the globe and it is not evident in other places. In Scandinavia, narrative mediation is used quite widely, Denmark in particular. New Zealand and Australia, which has had a long association with narrative practice, it’s quite a common, well-used modality there. In Canada, it’s used in healthcare, used in organisational conflict, used in education.


Also, there’s a lot of work now being done in restorative justice and restorative practice, which draws heavily on narrative metaphor of work. It’s not widely used in the United States, where I live. I’ve missed out South America, Brazil, and Mexico – areas there where people have keenly used the work of Michel Foucault and so on. They have drawn on that approach.

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