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Why Use a Negotiation Consultant

Why Use a Negotiation Consultant

Why is negotiation consulting useful for clients and how do you reach them?



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Obviously you have to do a bit of marketing. Sometimes it’s about contacts that you’ve already established and they know your background. For example, I’ve been brought in to negotiations with sports companies over various bits and pieces through prior contacts. Sometimes it’s through law firms. I do training with them as well as doing mediation with those guys. From time to time, they ask me to come in and actually advise them on specific negotiations they might be doing.


Unfortunately, I’ve got a bit of a tag. I said I started out with this decision tree thing and people recognize me at Mr. Decision Tree Guy. There’s an awful lot of other stuff out there as well. Decision trees are often the tool I deploy. There are a whole load of other things you can do to help people in terms of negotiation preparation usually.


For example, if it’s a big enough case and it justifies it, and you can imagine how the international ones would meet that criterion, you might rehearse. You set up a team of people that are meant to be the other side, you have a team of people who are your side, and you can rehearse how the negotiation might go. You get inside the other side’s head, to an extent, by using your own people to pretend that they are the other side in a negotiation. If it’s a big enough commercial one, that might be appropriate too.

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John Clark is an experienced negotiator and mediator who divides his time between mediating, advising on commercial and inter-governmental negotiations and teaching negotiation and mediation skills. His career began in management consultancy with McKinsey & Co. Since then, he’s advised the boards of many blue chip companies and the most senior levels of government on issues of strategy, economics and international relations. As well a... View Mediator