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Moving to Spain

Moving to Spain

Why did you choose to stop working as a mediator and move to Spain?



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Yes, in a way, the UK gave me every opportunity. I think the UK in many ways is a very open market in which, if you prove that you can do a job all the opportunities are there for you, it was a field that I was absolutely blessed to be able to have had every experience that I had there.


Then you know life sometimes bring you opportunities and one of the issues that came up is with two other people that wanted to set up a business in Spain. The reason to move, it was to actually set up Iberia Legal Group.


It was a conscious decision that we were going to come here and then set up a business. I think I was aware that mediation was going to be put aside but I had as well thrill of setting up something that could be hugely exciting.


I think in life when you have been an in between and have taken parts in providing potential solutions to people, sometimes you feel that you want to be a player. The opportunity of running my own business it means that when I now look at situations, I’m not an in between, in a way, I am a player.


That’s why I realize, so if we talk about concepts, that I’ve always believed and the thing is in every place that I worked in, that mediation is assisted negotiation. I was very aware of the concept of negotiation and how much alive that is in our everyday life.


If you then move to run a business, then you realize that every principle of mediation goes with your role is absolutely everywhere. It’s human resources. It’s commercial. It’s [trying to do] development, it’s everywhere, everywhere.


I could not have had a more helpful, at the time when we have to start from scratch and then build things, collaborations, build, trying to get people and influence people in open markets. I still think that I am putting every aspect of my learning on mediation in practice every day, every day, every day in my job here.

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Mari Cruz has assisted parties in over 300 disputes ranging from employment, community and commercial disputes. She began her mediation career back in 1997 working for CEDR. After a few years she was recruited to work with London’s largest Community Mediation Service; Southark Mediation Centre where she coordinated the development of many pilot projects around South London. She then went to work for Brighton and Hove City Council as a disput... View Mediator