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Using Mediation Skills in Business

Using Mediation Skills in Business

In what aspects of your new business can you apply your mediation skills?



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I mean if you think about it, it’s like every day we need to be negotiating. Every day. Every day. If there is a new project, if there is collaborators, if there is sponsors, if there is project developers, if there is freelancers, everything, everything is negotiation.


In negotiation, you know, you can use different ways to approach it. One is to say, “OK, I’m going to go hard.” Another is to say I’m going to go looking for a win-win situation.


I think everybody has a need and an interest. If you identify that need and interest from the very beginning, then once you put a proposal on the table, once you develop an idea, it will be meeting them, [it’s] an interest. Hopefully, they’ll be much happier.


The value, the money element is always one thing that people hate talking about. If it is actually [mixing] your values, if it’s actually [mixing] your needs, could you not be able to pay for it? Possibly you could, so the conversations that you have are completely different.


There are many elements. One of the things that we tend to do when we do business is just to try to put our arguments very heavily on the table. Well imagine in mediation what you do first. That’s the biggest secret, what you do first i ,you listen.


How many people are capable of listening actively? I mean I’m not saying that they can do all of that very well. But if you are not identifying those issues, you won’t be able to improve on those issues. Noticing, noticing is crucial.


Observing and noticing in order to be able to then decide what side do you want to use. Noticing who’s on the other side, what personality do they have? Are they going to be aggressive or are they going to be cooperative?


All this type of learning, I’ve learned through the years thanks to mediation because our approach, us mediators, is to earn people’s trust. They have to trust you to bring their boundaries down. If you don’t provide trust, you will be banging your head against a wall.

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Mari Cruz has assisted parties in over 300 disputes ranging from employment, community and commercial disputes. She began her mediation career back in 1997 working for CEDR. After a few years she was recruited to work with London’s largest Community Mediation Service; Southark Mediation Centre where she coordinated the development of many pilot projects around South London. She then went to work for Brighton and Hove City Council as a disput... View Mediator