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UK Register of Mediators

UK Register of Mediators

What is the UK Register of Mediators?



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Probably find it’s mostly workplace on there. We have some neighbour, I’m trying to think through, we have some neighbourhood mediators on there, we have some services of neighbourhood mediation on there. Some complaints mediation and some commercial. I think you’ll probably find a majority of it is workplace but it’s open to anybody. Family mediators don’t tend to register on it because they’ve got the FMC, etc.


Yeah, I mean how many members does it have?


I can’t remember Aled. I’ve taken my eye off it for a little while. But we’re not trying to, sort of, ‘Our register’s bigger than your register.’


I think, the thing about it is, all of our own mediators who offer service as well as offer trainings, all of our mediators are on it of course. The thing, the blocker, the thing that makes it hard for some people to get on, is our insistence on consultative support.


We do have quite a few conversations with people that say, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve got the training. Oh yeah, I got the indemnity insurance. Oh yeah, I’ve got the CPD.’ and we say ‘Are you in regular supervision?’ ‘No, I’m trained. Why do I need regular supervision?’ And we say, ‘Well sorry, it’s only for people who are engaged in that level of professional development, and only for people who are undertaking regular consultative for their practice.’

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