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Life as a Commercial Mediator

Life as a Commercial Mediator

What is life like as a full time commercial mediator?



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I do about 100 mediations a year, three a week, 30-odd weeks of the year, so I claim I’ve been semi-retired for the last 16 years, now. I spend as much time in Spain as I can. It works for me. I added it up a couple weeks ago. Mediation has been good to me. Sure, the first six or seven years were damn hard work. Richard and I were pounding the streets talking to anybody who would listen, and the money was not good, but the last 15 years, I’ve earned just over two and a half quarter million. I’m quite happy with that. I could live on 150,000 a year. I’ve got a clerk, Leslie Doppel [SP] who takes all the incoming phone calls [inaudible 04:40] or emails. That leaves me free to do the mediation. It works very well, [inaudible 04:46] enough.

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Legal 500 says: As possibly the UK’s most experienced mediator and probably the most prolific, Andrew Fraley’s style and approach are unique and enormously popular. Described as ‘refreshingly direct’, he ‘quickly builds confidence’ and rapport and ‘presses parties for sensible settlement offers early in the process’. Offering availability for half-day mediations extends his range far wider than many listed here. As one of the p... View Mediator