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Finding Mediation Market Opportunities

Finding Mediation Market Opportunities

How can a new mediator find new opportunities in the market?



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Really, for me, that divides into two. One is the situations where people use mediation anyway, and the only question is, are they going to use you or someone else.


And the second one, which I’ve done a lot more work than I previously had in the last say, four or five years, is where there is no contemplation of mediation. And actually people don’t want to be mediated, but they’re still in a conflict, so the question is what do they want? And a lot of the religious peace envoy work that I do is in that context, where people have no . . . If I went to these guys and said, ‘You know, do you want a mediation?’ I wouldn’t get through the door. So it’s no good thinking, and I think a lot of mediators think, well, you know, I’ve trained as a mediator, and there are all these conflicts out there, so why on earth can’t the two be connected? And part of the answer is that most people don’t want to be mediated. They wouldn’t mind someone who’ll come and listen to them.

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He is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished ‘top rank’ mediators in the market. He’s been full time in this field for over 20 years and has a thriving mediation practice. The Legal 500 have him down as one of the best in the field. He was for 11 years Executive Director of CEDR. and he’s worked with some of the major ADR organisations across the globe. Before becoming a mediator, he practised as a solicitor in the UK and Paris,... View Mediator