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Producing Focused Social Media Content

Producing Focused Social Media Content

How do you focus the content you post to target your ideal customers?



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Yeah, definitely. I have two starting places. One is what is Jim currently challenged with? What is his challenge he’s looking to overcome, and how can I assist him in doing that? Just by writing an article, a Facebook message, a tweet, whatever that looks like.


My other one is, what is the current theme of my current clients and the questions that they’re asking a lot of? How can I start to address those questions and comments in the form of a blog post or something along those lines?


My starting point is always, ‘How can I create the most value for the person that is reading this?’ Which I think is very important. My biggest thing isn’t, how can I put them into the sales funnel and get them to buy my services.


I come at it from, how can I provide the most value for this person that I will be a trusted source, that they will continue to come back for that value.


Who knows, maybe they will eventually purchase a service from me, or hire me, or different things like that. But that’s not my main intent. My main intent is to give, give, give.

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