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Using Mediator Assistants

Using Mediator Assistants

How does the use of mediator assistants work in Argentina?



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Well, I know indeed, that it is used fairly broadly in Argentina and it probably comes from the fact really that, mediators are mostly lawyers from training and that, on technical aspects, they need this report and the assistant of somebody, who is more of a technical background. And I do believe actually, that this approach is very complimentary to their system. In our system, in France and I believe it is the same in the UK and in the US, we don’t have to be lawyers by training, in order to become a mediator and therefore, parties have a wide area of choice, when choosing the perfect mediator for their case.


I would say that, a non-lawyer can do maybe, potentially even a better job than a lawyer, in being a mediator. And because, it brings his technical knowledge and as well you know, it’s not formatted, as lawyers sometimes are.

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