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Marketing Mediation Online

Marketing Mediation Online

What did you consider when creating your mediation website?



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Well, in terms of the website, I wish I could claim credit for it. I wanted it clean and fresh and fairly simply and understandable, but that’s where my sort of design input ended. I’ve got a friend who’s excellent at website design and he sort of came up with the colours and the structure and everything else. So, it is how I want it, but I didn’t sort of, you know, do the artistic stuff. Or not so much of it. In terms of marketing, I think a lot of people do want a website to look at. And I’ve found that people are quite interested in the kind of mediations that I’ve done in the past. And so, you will have seen that I’ve got, you know, little boxes and you click on a box like ‘Trusts and Probate’ and you get three brief examples of cases. And then there’s another link you can click that goes to further examples where I flesh things out. And quite often when people sort of want to know a bit more about my experience in different areas, I will take them to that and all they’ll be interested in is, you know, cases I’ve done in property related professional negligence. So, you can get that on my website.


So, it’s really designed to help the user get what they want. And then, you know, I’ve got sort of different articles going up. So I think the website is quite useful for a mediator. It’s your exposure, really. It can be looked at without, you know, parties sort of contacting you and a lot of people just are looking and seeing who’s out there and they don’t particularly want to have a conversation with a mediator until they’ve got a short list.

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Listed in the first tier of mediator rankings of both the Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 directories (and in The International Who’s Who of Commercial Mediators), Jon Lang is recognised as one of the top mediators in the UK.CEDR accredited, Jon became a full-time mediator in May 2005, having spent almost twenty years as a solicitor in private practice, the last six as a partner in the disputes group of White & Case in London. Jon ... View Mediator