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Using the LinkedIn Network

Using the LinkedIn Network

Have you tapped into your LinkedIn network to find new subscribers for your newsletter?



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With LinkedIn I haven’t quite worked out how best to do that. I’ve set up some groups so I’ve got, I think, there are more than 2,500 members of the personal injury group for instance, and those people come to the group. Okay? So I don’t do anything about promoting the group necessarily. People come to the group, and they’re the perfect target market. What I haven’t determined yet is how best to leverage that group, because I don’t want to spam it, really, with my announcements. Although I have permission to do that, because I really want it to be a group that’s discussing relevant issues and there’s a point to people being in it.



But when I started out, you put out some stuff which you just thought ‘I need to get something out,’ so it’s gone out, and you know, you can’t help that-, well, I couldn’t help that temptation, but now I’m really focusing and saying ‘Look, really put some thought into what you’re sending out and make sure it does match all those, the relevance and the interests, and be of value.’ And if only 25% of the people look at it and open it, that’s still 25% of the group, and the others can remain in or they can switch off as they like.

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