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Marketing Outside Your Comfort Zone

Marketing Outside Your Comfort Zone

What kinds of things did you do to market yourself which took you outside your comfort zone?



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Well, contacting people to offer to work for them without any other, without any invitation, or networking events, wandering up to people to tell them, A, about something they don’t know about, which is mediation, and, B, me, and why they should choose me out of all of them. Those are some things that terrified me and really I wasn’t interested in trying to do those things.


Writing about yourself, to put it publicly on the website, on LinkedIn, or whatever, and promoting yourself, it’s not my culture to, although my friends might disagree, to blow your own trumpet, and yet, it’s essential, you have to tell people. They have to be persuaded of why it’s worth spending the money that they’re going to spend on hiring you.

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