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Adapting to Life as a Mediator

Adapting to Life as a Mediator

How did you manage the change from a formal schedule as a lawyer to the flexibility of life mediator?



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Yes, managing time is the big thing. The environment and everything, I, you know, it’s not a big deal for me, but having a space is an important thing. But the time management, I think, is the most important. I came late to the ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, but those are terrific, well, looking at your time and seeing what you’re doing. ‘Do I do some urgent an important stuff, there’s important but not urgent stuff, and then there’s the urgent but not important and then neither important nor urgent.’ And doing the important but not urgent stuff and dedicating the time to that is something that I, looking back I know I completely failed to do. I’ve dealt with the important-urgent, and then looked at other things which are not forwarding.


So, for instance, identifying interesting content for a newsletter, appearing, attending networking events, writing an article for a magazine, delivering a seminar, they are all, they’re not urgent, but they’re important. And understanding that and categorising that, and then looking at a week, planning a week in advance rather than this morning planning today’s list or tomorrow’s list, and looking at that plan and seeing how much of that work fits in that important but not urgent category. Focusing on that. That’s the real, that’s something I didn’t do very well at all when I started out.

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