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Increasing Mediator Workload

Increasing Mediator Workload

Why do mediators find it difficult to get more work?



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Are you a Radiohead fan? Radio Head has this song called ‘Just.,’ It’s got this brilliant chorus, which goes a lot like, I’m not going to sing it, don’t worry. It goes along the lines of “You do it to yourself, you do and that’s what really hurts.”


I’m not trying to base this all on his album. “You do it to yourself, you do and that’s what really hurts” and I am convinced for the mediators who are not doing as much work as they want to do, there is only one person responsible for that.


It isn’t the government, it isn’t the law society, it isn’t the mediation counselor, it isn’t the bar counsel. It’s none these things. It is us, ourselves. How much do we want to do this work? How much of this work do we want to do and how committed are you to making that change and doing that journey?


I like the idea of the jolt. Sometimes the conversations we’ll have if I’m coaching people, will be along the lines of, ‘tell me how you got yourself in that situation’. Really getting them to go down into, how does that impact you? How does that make you feel? How are you with your husband or your wife or your children when you’re doing that work?


This other work that you want to transition into, what are you like then, when you’re with your spouse or partner or children? What are the differences? That can make all that very real, very meaningful.

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