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Giving Mediation Business Advice

Giving Mediation Business Advice

What motivated you to start helping people develop their mediation business?



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I was supposed to deliver a keynote at the 4th European [Collaborative] Conference in Edinburgh, about this time last year. They had a title for their conference, which was ‘Creating Consensus.’ I thought well, there’s stuff that we can do that we could work with that.


I did some research around this idea of creating and I like this idea that the work that we do is really building something tangible instead of just talking in a room. That took me to research about craftsmanship which is quite a fashionable idea. I read some brilliant books.


There’s a book by Richard [Sennett] called, “The Craftsman,” which was a great help. I delivered this keynote and it just took off. I’ve been anxious about it. I always want to do a good job, as I’m sure you do. I gave this talk and I sat down in the auditorium afterwards.


The guy who was speaking after me was the Vice President of the Scottish Law Society. He stood up at the lectern and he put his notes to one side. He said, “You know, I was going to talk about this, but actually I don’t want to. I want to talk about this ‘Get Artisan’ idea. This is a real message for our times. This is what we in our profession need right now, so let me just respond to that right now.”


I’m standing in the auditorium thinking, “Oh crikey, there’s something here. This is bigger than I thought it was”. The feedback that came through on the rest of the conference was alarming. That people wanted more. How could we take this forward? How can we run with it?


There’s a challenge and an immediate demand that brought collaborative practitioners and mediators to have a model that they could really work with so that they could take away this and use that reframe that we’ve given them so that they could then turn that into really good work and business development.

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Neil Denny is an international speaker, collaborative lawyer and expert on conflict and collaboration. He’s the author of two books; Conversational Riffs; Creating Meaning Out Of Conflict and The Collaborative Law Companion – from what I gather he has a few more in the pipeline. He is the CEO and founder of allLD Learning and Development. His latest venture Get Artisan is all about helping practitioners develop their skills and grow their bus... View Mediator